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Slimline Medication Collection Unit

Price: $618.74
91.80 LBS
$99.99 (Fixed shipping cost)

The Slimline Medication Collection Unit offers a secure solution for expired prescription drug collection with a smaller footprint for locations where space is limited. It is a high security unattended collection unit that is ideal for pharmaceutical disposal, expired medicine, medical sharps, or a return kiosk (for cell phones, keys, etc.). Once an item has been deposited, the dual locks protect items until the time of retrieval. The collection area is easy to access to collect items inserted into the unit. Units are drop shipped to your location on a pallet. Call for production lead time and bulk pricing. Adhesive decals available, call for pricing.


• Made with heavy-duty, 16 gauge steel.
• Locking collection area secures incoming items.
• Stainless steel hinges.
• Durable Powder Coated Poly-Hammer Finishes.
• Dual Locks on reciprocal doors can be keyed alike or differently.
• Available colors: black, white, green, gray, sand, red, and copper vein.
• Front door configurations allows units to be installed against walls where space is a concern.
• Dual topper view ports.
• Anchors to floor, wall or both.
• Large flat surfaces for signage.
• Made in the USA.

• Optional hardware kit includes supplies to mount unit to wall, floor, or both.
• Optional signage is available. Call for more details. 

Weight and Dimensions

• Dimensions: 25" W x 39" H x 14" D
• Maximum Recaptacle Size: 21"W x 24" H x 12" D
• Cubic Feet Using Max Size Receptacle: 3.5 (26.18 gallons)
• Maximum Package Size Dimensions: 13” W x 4.5” H x 4” D

• Recommended corrugated receptacle: ULINE part no. S-19848
• Product weight: 91.8 lbs

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