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Local community health agencies including the Departments of Public Works or the Departments of Health, have found that Take Back Express units are ideal for expired drug take back initiatives. Unused, expired prescriptions are increasing; too many expired medications make their way into water supplies because people don’t have an easy solution to the problem of expired medication disposal. 

We are proud to have a sponsorship with the Coalition for Safe Medication Disposal. 


Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal companies have also experienced a significant increase in the need for medical sharps collection. With more people able to self-administer medication with medical sharps, the challenge of how to dispose of sharps without putting others in danger is a concern. Waste Disposal companies have found that providing places to safely collect medical sharps, they are protecting the public as well as the environment. The Sharps Collection Unit is our most popular product in the Waste Disposal industry.

Medical and Phamacutical

Medical communities deal with both expired drugs and used medical sharps on a daily basis. In fact, they often need waste or biohazard haulers to dispose of these items. Having a centralized area in a hospital, doctor’s office or pharmacy has proven to be an excellent way of safely collecting these items for easy removal. All of our units can be used in the medical community.

Public Safety

Public Safety agencies use Take Back Express products in many different settings; many police departments, courthouses and airports, are valued Take Back Express customers. Our units are primarily used to collect medical sharps and expired prescription drugs; they can also be used as amnesty boxes in airports for items that cannot be brought through security.


Many of our products are also used in non-medical businesses. Places like libraries, electronics stores or car rental agencies need secure collection units to safely collect and store returned items. Our sturdy steel units offer our customers peace of mind knowing items deposited will only be accessed with a key. The Collection Vault is the most popular unit for non-medical businesses.