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Take Back Express

Take Back Express provides secure collection solutions for difficult-to-discard items including expired medication, sharps collection, electronics, batteries, etc. Take Back Express serves many industries including law enforcement agencies, medical offices, hospitals, libraries, community centers, fire stations, etc. The company is dedicated to the development of high-quality, secure collection units to remove and dispose of unwanted items.

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Take Back Express is proud to manufacture our units in the United States. We provide high-quality products and offer exceptional customer service.

We are also excited to be a proud sponsor of the Coalition for Safe Medication Disposal. If you want to learn about the opptorunities for your community, please give us a call to learn more! 



dVault, Collection UnitTake Back Express is a divsion of dVault offering secure mail collection solutions with an entire line of mailboxes and collection units. These units are all locking and secure to help deter identity theft and protect mail and parcels until you can collect them. Learn more about dVault

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Take Back Express

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